Lamp Shades For Wall Lights

lamp shades for wall lights

Lamp shades for wall lights are a great way to add personal style to your fixture. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles to match almost any lamp base. A few key tips for choosing the right shade are to keep proportions in mind and choose a shade that compliments your overall scheme.

Generally, the widest part of the lampshade should be about twice as big as the base to provide a balanced, to-scale look. Also, the height of the shade should be about one-third the height of the base to achieve a harmonious balance between the two. These are general guidelines; you can deviate, but be sure to measure your lamp and base before making any major changes.

The color of your lamp shade plays a critical role in determining the mood and tone of your room. Lighter colors allow more light to pass through the shade while darker colors block more of the light.

Patterned fabrics are a trending choice for shades and can add a splash of color that complements other elements in your decor. Just be sure that the dominant color is echoed in other parts of your room, such as on pillows, throws, curtains or rugs.

Fabric covered lampshades can be made from a wide range of materials, including cotton, linen and silk. Some are adorned with embroidery, decoupage or paint to create a truly unique piece. Other types of shades are simply covered with paper or fabric for a clean and classic look. While a paper shade will not diffuse the light as well as a fabric shade, it is more cost effective and easy to replace.

Opaque shades such as thick parchment or laminated card will direct light in defined, up-and-down beams that are ideal for highlighting objects and setting a formal tone. Pleated shades are cozier, more traditional and tend to pair well with antiques. And custom details like embroidery, decoupage and paint are a beautiful way to add a touch of personality.

The shape of the lamp shade should mimic the shape of the base, but you can deviate and get creative. For example, a round base does well with a rounded shade and an angular or square base pairs best with a square or rectangular shade.

Empire lampshades are classic frustum-shaped designs that cast more light down than up. These work well with a variety of lamp bases, from contemporary to classic. Cone lampshades are narrow with a tapered top and fit nicely on long or tall lamps.

The type of fitter is important to consider. Most lamp shades attach to a base using a spider fitter (which resembles a spoked wheel) or a clip-on fitter with metal loops that are designed for standard Edison bulbs or candelabra bulb sockets. Some fitters require an adapter to fit the bulb type, which may be necessary if you’re switching to a CFL or LED bulb. If you’re unsure which fitter is needed, take your lamp into the store with you so that you can test out different options.