1980s Furniture Trends Still Influence Modern Home Decor

1980s furniture trends

The 1980s was a decade that was known for bold colors and designs. These colors were not only popular with homeowners and interior designers, but they still have a strong influence on design today.

The era’s style was a blend of traditional and modern elements, and it embraced the idea of minimalism while also pushing boundaries with bold color and form. One of the most popular trends was a style called Memphis that mixed bright colors and furniture in interesting geometric shapes.

A lot of the furniture in these styles was made from wood and included contrasting metal finishes. This paired with natural elements like wicker, rattan and leather gave the designs a warm, comfortable feel.

Many of these pieces were also functional, and they often featured practical details such as a handy pullout shelf for potted plants and storage space underneath the table tops.

Another popular trend was the use of lucite. This clear plastic is often used in kitchens, where it can help keep countertops and cabinets clean without cluttering the look of a room. It’s also a great way to add extra seating in a small space.

Using glass blocks was also popular during this time period, and they were often used as a way to create privacy while still allowing light to shine through the windows.

Greenery was also a popular interior element during this time, and people loved adding large plants to their homes. Palms were especially popular, and they would fill a room with beautiful color and texture.

While a lot of the design trends from this era are not as widely available to purchase as they once were, there are still some ways that you can recreate the style.

First, try bringing back a few of the original colors that were popular in the era. These colors include teal, coral and yellow. These are all great colors that can work well in a variety of spaces, from a bedroom to a living room.

Next, bring in the patterns of this era with colorful art prints. These prints can be framed or hung as wallpaper, and they will complement the rest of the decor in your home.

You can also incorporate the colors of this era by adding neon lights to a wall. This will brighten up the room and give it a more 80s vibe, while still being modern.

If you want to recreate the era’s floral and frill decor, try adding lace curtains. These fabrics were very popular during the era, and they are sure to complement your patterned bedding.

Lace curtains can be found at thrift stores and other secondhand outlets, so you don’t have to invest in new ones. They are easy to wash and will add an extra touch of femininity to your home’s decor.

The era’s novelty decor was popular, too, and this included big pencils and teacups. These can be found at thrift shops or on eBay.