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For the Love of Traditional Swedish Rugs!

Posted by Administrator on 8/8/2012 to Rugs
Here at Truly Swedish Design we are very happy to be introducing the Traditional Swedish Rug to homes in Canada and the United States! This type of rug is a version of the rag rug and dates back at least to the 1940's. The rugs are made in Sweden and woven from non-toxic soft plastic ribbons in traditional looms, blending tradition and caftmanship with designs for the modern home. Growing up in Sweden I remember almost every home having one of these rugs because they are so incredibly practical, being machine washable and all.

Sweden's National Day Cake

Posted by Administrator on 5/26/2012 to General
In 2010 a competition was held to create a cake to be the official June 6 cake. Here is the recipe for the winner, "the Sweden Roll". It has the marzipan from the classic Princess cake and seasonal strawberries, what could be better?

Sofie Sjöström Collection - Meet the Designer

Posted by Administrator on 4/20/2012 to General
Sofie Sjöström speaks to those of us who enjoy design, who look for that “little extra” and who appreciate the importance of quality and intelligent function. In her creations she applies form, texture, colour and function to bring joy into our everyday lives.

Introducing Secto Design's Series of Lamps

Posted by Administrator on 3/28/2012 to General
Introducing Finnish Lighting from Secto Design It is always lots of fun to bring in a new line. Today I am introducing you to Secto Design's series of lighting, created from birch by skilled craftsmen in Finland... Created by architect Seppo Koho. The Secto Design series also includes floor lamps, table lamps and more pendant lamps and looks great both in homes and in public spaces like restaurants and hotels. To see the complete collection...

Meet the Square Girl - Marita Lord of Cult Design of Sweden

Posted by Administrator on 3/2/2012 to General
Here's a little story about a girl who like to draw a little bit different... "The little girl had always liked drawing. But not exactly the way everyone else did. Sometimes her mother wondered why the sun was square and the princess was triangular, but the girl couldn't give her an answer. She just thought it was prettier that way....

Bedroom In Soothing Grey Tones

Posted by Administrator on 2/22/2012 to General
I have always liked the colour grey, or should I say gray, I never quite know which spelling is best. Anyways I love how grey is soothing and how really good other colours look next to this neutral shade. I am right now putting together a new colour scheme for our bedroom, while keeping large pieces like an heirloom dresser and solid wood chest of drawers.

Bio of Artist Ingela Strömberg

Posted by Administrator on 1/7/2012 to General

After retiring from a career as a social worker, she started taking courses at Ottawa School of Art (OSA) in 2002, and has painted ever since.

Ingela mainly paints in oil, but also uses mixed media on canvas or board. She is attracted to several subject matters: still life, interior, landscape, animals, the human figure. At times she combines an abstract background with a realistically portrayed subject matter. 

 Designer Profiles

 For the Love of Traditional Swedish Rugs!
 Sweden's National Day Cake
 Sofie Sjöström Collection - Meet the Designer
 Introducing Secto Design's Series of Lamps
 Meet the Square Girl - Marita Lord of Cult Design of Sweden
 Bedroom In Soothing Grey Tones
 Bio of Artist Ingela Strömberg

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